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The International Industrial Biotechnology Cooperation Network (IIBN) is a joint initiative of the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Flemish Government.

Supported through a Science Trust Fund, the Network has access to the major stakeholders in the field of the Life Sciences in Flanders. The program is intended to develop into a multi-donor Trust Fund that links technology providers from Flanders and beyond with end-users in developing regions.

Mission and Strategy

IIBN’s mission is to facilitate access to biotechnologies to developing regions in order to contribute to sustainable (agro)industrial development and biodiversity conservation. Through the Network, demand-drive demonstration projects will be developed aimed at adding economic value to biological resources that are consistent with the Millennium Development Goalsread more

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will define the developmental objectives of the demonstration projects developed under the Network, liaise with governments and donors and exercise budgetary oversight. The SC is composed of a representative from UNIDO, IPBO-UGent, and the Government of Flanders.

Marc Van Montagu
Kathleen Dhont Andre Hebbelinck
Marc Van Montagu
Kathleen D’Hondt
André Hebbelinck
Chair of the Steering

Flemish Ministry for Innovation, Public Investment, Media, and Poverty Reduction, Belgium

Flanders International, Representative of the Flemish Government in Central Europe

Advisory Panel

The Scientific and Advisory Panel (STAP) is composed of representatives from knowledge centers and industry with expertise in socio-economics, industrial biotechnology and renewable resources, regulatory affairs and business.  read more

Eduardo Trigo
Johan Cardoen RudyDekeyser Huanming Yang
Eduardo Trigo
Johan Cardoen Rudy Dekeyser
Huanming Yang

Director, Grupo CEO,

CEO, Crop Design-BASF, Belgium 

Managing Director, Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) Belgium
President, Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI),Beijing, China


The IIBN networking actions and Research-for-Development activities are driven by UNIDO and IPBO-UGent.

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